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  • 17 lb. Solventless Vellum Rolls 100% Rag (472)

17 lb. Solventless Vellum Rolls 100% Rag (472)

  • Translucent, 17 lb. 100% cotton-rag vellum
  • For overlays and presentations
  • Archival grade paper won’t yellow over time
  • Trouble-free throughput on inkjet printers and engineering copiers
  • 500 ft. rolls support uninterrupted production of higher volumes of copies
Freedom Paper 17 lb. Solventless Vellum (472) is a premium 17 lb. translucent 100% cotton-rag vellum for making long-lasting monochrome overlays and presentations engineering copiers. This durable archival grade vellum won’t yellow over time, and produces crisp lines, sharp text, and uniform solid areas.
Freedom Paper
Core Sizes
3 inch

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