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Canon imagePROGRAF PRO 6000 60 in. Printer 12-Color with Multifunction Roll System

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Product Highlights

  • Pigment-ink photo printer for top-quality, color-consistent photo and art prints
  • Handles rolls or sheets of photo, art, and graphic media up to 60 in. wide and 31.5 mils thick
  • 11 colors of LUCIA PRO aqueous pigment ink with Chroma Optimizer
  • Color densitometer, sensors, and software for precise calibration and color matching
  • Capture-to-output workflow with Canon EOS cameras yields crystal-clear prints
  • Wi-Fi connectivity. Anti-clog printhead. Prints JPEGs and PDFs from USB drive
  • Multi-function roll system holds two types of media or acts as take-up roll

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The 11-color LUCIA PRO pigment inkset with Chroma Optimizer reproduces exceptional print quality and image clarity on both glossy photo papers and matte fine art papers. The combination of colors and dense placement of the ink drops help you achieve fantastic color reproduction and fine details, even in darker areas of the image. Like a clearcoat, the Chroma Optimizer improves the color performance and gloss uniformity of prints on gloss and semi-gloss papers. The dark areas of the print are enriched, graininess is reduced, and scratch resistance is improved.
When you change from a glossy photo paper to a matte fine art paper, you don't have to manually select the correct black ink. The Matte Black and Photo Black inks have their own dedicated nozzles, so no manual switching between ink tanks is necessary.
The F-10 printhead with FINE technology is 1.28 inches wide and ejects ink through 12 channels. A total of 18,432 nozzles can fire over 32 million droplets per second. To enable fast print speeds with reduced risk of clogging, 27 sensors monitor ink-ejection conditions in real time. If a clog is detected, another nozzle will automatically provide back-up.
The L-COA-PRO image processor can quickly process the high volumes of data required to reproduce, big, high-resolution prints. The L-COA controls the balance of inks and precise placement of ink droplets, carefully calculating best results for each print mode and media. The processor takes into account factors that affect image quality including: color reproduction, tonal gradations, black density, graininess, glossiness, anti-bronzing, and elimination of metamerism.
The built-in color density sensor and calibration system enables you to reproduce colors consistently and reliably over time and one multiple PRO series printers. The Device Management Console enables an administrator to monitor the calibration status and operating parameters of up to 50 image PRO Series printers at different locations. After a few simple steps on the printer’s operation panel, a single calibration on one type of media can be performed with one type of media and applied to the media in all printing modes.
The rigid, uni-body frame reduces vibration during printing and ensures the precise placement of ink.
This versatile roll-handling system is standard on the PRO-6000. It can be used either to either load two rolls of media or configured as a bi-directional printed media take-up unit. In the dual-role set-up, the printer can automatically switch between two different rolls of media or support uninterrupted printing of longer jobs. In the take-up reel mode, prints rewound on the roll are prevented from hitting the floor during overnight printing or ready for the next processing step, such as laminating or cutting.
You don’t have to touch the print surface to load roll media onto the printer. Simply set the media in the roll holder and lightly rotate the flange to enable the leading edge of the media to be automatically fed. This avoids the risk of creasing the media or leaving fingerprints on the print surface during loading.
For fast and easy printing of PDF or JPEG files without a computer, you can print directly from a USB thumb drive. Simply input the drive into the USB port on the printer.
The 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen lets you preview the selected file to make sure you have chosen the right file to print.
Users of your wireless network can send image files to the printer.
The inks are available in three tank sizes: 160 ml, 330 ml, or 700 ml. Purchase ink based on how often you print certain colors. If you print nightscapes on glossy paper, order a 700 ml tank of Photo Black ink. Order a 160 ml tank of Magenta ink if you print the occasional sunrise image.
The Sub-Ink tank system enables you to use all of the ink in a tank before having to replace it. You can also replace empty tanks without having to stop the printer. This is extremely useful during long print jobs. The Sub-Ink tank system helps minimize wasted ink and downtime.
The Multi-Position Catch Basket can be configured four ways: traditional, flatbed, front delivery, or slope. The flatbed configuration keeps stacks of prints flat. The front delivery basket can be positioned directly below the delivery of prints output on cut sheets or roll media. The slope configuration can be used to display a print.
The 320 GB hard drive on the printer can store print job data from multiple users. The owners of the files can keep their print job data secured in separate mailboxes. The stored print jobs can be accessed via web browser or be quickly reprinted.
This software helps streamline your capture-to-print workflow. It 's compatible with Canon Digital Photo Professional software, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom. Features include a 16-bit printing workflow, a roll paper preview mode, contrast reproduction, and the ability to import and batch edit multiple images and print multiple-up images. You can also create "Favorites" for settings you use most often.
This software allows you to enhance the precision of quality and output achieved on the inkjet media of your choice. Settings that can be configured include media weight and thickness, ink drying, automatic cutting, borderless printing, paper-feed amount, printhead height, vacuum strength, and maximum ink usage.
This software lets you accurately manage your print costs. Track how much ink, paper, and time is consumed for each print. Assign exact costs to each ink tank and media type. You can also input a variable cost that will be added to the total print cost. Data can be exported in a .csv format for use in a Microsoft Excel.
This utility makes it easy to convert documents create in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint into large-format prints. The Plug-In appears inside a toolbar inside a Microsoft application and has an easy-to-follow "wizard" to guide you through the steps. The plug-in bypasses the printer driver to simplify the printing process. A few simple steps converts a standard 8.5 x 11 inch page to a poster-size print.
The Windows and Mac print drivers include simplified page set-up options, one-touch borderless printer, and expanded color settings. The Real Preview feature lets you ensure that the print settings and layout on the roll paper are correct. You can change the print settings even after clicking on "print." The Free Layout feature enables nesting of images or files of nearly any type.
  • imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 printer
  • Stand (legs, basket, and tools)
  • US AC Power Cable
  • Print 
  • Head PF-10
  • 330 ml Starter Inks (MBK/BK/C/M//Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/CO)
  • 2-in. Roll Holder with 3-in. Core Adapters
  • Quick Guide
  • Safety and Environmental Sheet
  • Setup Guide
  • Printer Stand Setup Guide
  • Print Head Alignment Sheet
  • USB Connection Sheet
  • Software Discs (Windows Drivers, PosterArtist Lite 32/64 bit)
  • Sample Media (12 sheets of Heavyweight Coated HG Paper – A4 size)
  • Call Center Notice Card
  • User Registration Card
  • Printer and Print Head Warranty Cards (US and Canada)
  • Canon USA Media Compatibility Sheet
  • WR Service Terms Leaflet
  • Multifunction Roll Unit with Tools (separate box)
Part Number

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