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HP Wide Format Paper, Designjet Inkjet Printers, HP Inks

HP wide-format paper comes from a global corporation committed to creating new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments, and society. Let HP’s mission inspire you when using HP wide-format paper and HP printers to present your own creative visions, discoveries, and ideas.

HP wide-format paper is engineered to produce predictable, consistent results on HP Designjet wide-format inkjet printers. Whether producing line drawings, renderings, maps, aerial photos and presentations on an HP Designjet T-series CAD/technical printer or photographs, art, posters, and designs on an HP Designjet Z-series photo printer, you can expect reliable performance and quality when HP inks are used with HP wide-format paper.

At Freedom Paper, we can help guide you to the HP Designjet large-format printers and materials best suited to your applications. Call us to discuss your requirements and inquire about our special pricing on state-of-the-art HP large-format printers.

HP Wide-Format Printers

HP Designjet wide-format inkjet printers are used around the world in large enterprises, small and medium businesses, government agencies, healthcare facilities, schools and universities. These printers use water-based (aqueous) inks and coated inkjet materials to produce technical documents, photographs, and graphics with super-fine print, intricate details, and an expansive gamut of colors.

  • HP Designjet T Series CAD/Technical printers can help reprographers, office workgroups, design studios, and independent contractors efficiently produce architectural and engineering drawings, design renderings, maps, and aerial photographs. Freedom Paper sells offer HP's full line of wide format monochrome and color models ranging from the 24-inch HP Designjet T120 ePrinter for individual use up to the 44-inch, HP Designjet T1300 for fast production of higher quantities of prints. HP’s web-connected ePrinters enable you to access and print projects remotely, even from mobile devices. Multifunction printers (MFP) can scan and copy drawings, maps, and other documents.

  • HP Designjet Z Series Photo printers are used in print-for-pay businesses, photography and graphic design studios, art publishers, and design centers to produce high-quality, color-rich, image-centric prints including portraits, posters, frame-ready décor prints, art reproductions, retail signage, exhibit graphics, and presentations. Freedom Paper offers special pricing on HP Designjet Z models, including the 8-color 24-inch HP Designjet Z2100 for small studios, the 12-color 44-inch HP Designjet Z3200 for superb image reproduction, and the high-performance 60-inch 8-color HP Designjet Z5200 for commercial art, photo, and graphics printing. The Designjet Z printers have on board spectrophotometers to help you achieve predictable color on a range of art papers, photo papers, graphic films, and canvas. HP Designjet printers with Adobe PostScript 3 technology excel in reproducing PDFs, including posters, signs, drawings, and exhibits that combine images and text.

HP Wide-Format Paper and Other Media

HP wide-format paper provides uncompromising performance with the HP inks used on HP Designjet printers. Freedom Paper carries an extensive portfolio of HP wide-format printing papers and other materials for use on both the Designjet T-series and Designjet Z-series of printers. You can choose from:

  • HP bond and coated papers for everyday printing and presentations
  • HP technical papers such as HP Vellum and water-resistant papers
  • HP graphic and technical films for overlays and transparencies
  • HP banner and sign materials for indoor and outdoor event and promotional graphics
  • HP photo papers with matte, gloss, and satin finishes and instant-dry properties
  • HP fine-art canvas and litho-realistic paper for art reproductions and décor prints
  • HP backlit films for lightbox displays
  • HP adhesive-backed materials for easy mounting of printed graphics on display boards, walls, windows, and other surfaces

Freedom Paper also carries other HP products, including HP inks, HP toners and HP specialty materials for creating wallcoverings and other products on HP Latex printers.

Call us to discuss your specific large-format printing needs and we can recommend the combination of printers and materials that can help you get the job done.

Since 2002, we have helped thousands of customers in all types of workplaces succeed in large-format printing. We can help you too!