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Harman Photo Paper and Canvas

Harman photo paper and canvas comes from a firm with a long history of making renowned materials for professional photo processing. The brand’s name come Alfred Hugh Harman who founded the Ilford photographic products company in 1879.

Harman Photo Professional Inkjet Paper was launched in 2007 and designed specifically for professional photographers who wanted to make archival-grade, museum-quality exhibition prints. In 2010, Hahnemuhle and Harman teamed up to offer a co-branded line of Harman photo paper for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

With the Harman by Hahnemuhle papers available from Freedom Paper, you can make photo prints on your inkjet printer that have the classic look and feel of fine darkroom-processed photographs. The inkjet coating on Harman photo paper was formulated to deliver an extensive color gamut and subtle gradations in tones. A specially designed anti-curl technology ensures that prints remain flat.

Some Harman papers feature true baryta coatings. Baryta is the clay-like barium sulfate material that whitened the fiber-based papers used in high-end darkrooms. For inkjet printing, the baryta layer helps smooth the surface of the paper for better image quality.

Freedom Paper carries sheets and rolls of all seven Harman by Hahnemuhle products including:

Call Freedom Paper at 866-310-3335 for recommendations on which paper would be best for printing the type of images you have in mind. Or, order the Harman by Hahnemuhle sample pack that includes two 8.5 x 11-inch sheets of each of the seven products.