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    HP Designjet Graphics Printers

    HP DesignJet Z series of large format printers for graphics can be used to produce durable, high-resolution, color-accurate photos, art reproductions, indoor and outdoor signs and banners, and event and retail graphics and displays.  These printers range from 24 to 60 inches wide and feature 6 to 12 colors of HP Original or Vivid Photo pigment inks. Using HP thermal inkjet printheads, the HP DesignJet large format graphics printers can output images in resolutions up to 2400 x 1200 dpi on a wide range of materials, including art and photo papers, bond and coated paper, backlit and banner-stand films, fabrics, canvas, and many self-adhesive materials. View More

    Some HP DesignJet large format printers are specifically designed for use in graphic design and photography studios. For example, the 12-ink HP DesignJet Z3200 features two gray inks and two black inks for printing true black-and-white fine-art photo prints as well as film negatives for classic darkroom printing. The 6- and 8-color production-grade graphic printers are faster, in order to meet the faster turnaround times expected from copy shops, photo labs, and other print-service providers.

    Some HP DesignJet large format printers are equipped with embedded Adobe PostScript/PDF processing capabilities for fast printing of proofs and graphics and/or an onboard spectrophotometer that can help you achieve high levels of color accuracy and consistency. HP’s Professional Pantone Emulation capabilities make it easier to print many Pantone colors used in brand logos or sports-team graphics. For assistance in choosing the right HP DesignJet large format printer for your requirements, call us at 866-310-3555. We would be happy to help. Our customer service reps have advised customers from all sorts of fields, including college campus print shops, photography studios, performing arts organizations, fine-art printmakers, graphic design studios, and marketing firms. We can help you too! View Less

    4 Products