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    Metallic Paper

    Inkjet metallic paper is proving to be a popular way to add a contemporary twist to color and black-and-white photographic prints for short-term indoor display. Metallic paper for inkjet printing features a super-high gloss, silvery or pearlescent luster that can add depth and dimensionality to certain types of portraits and landscapes.

    Metallic inkjet paper can also add a clean, distinctive gleam to photographs of cars, jewelry, architectural details, and polished metal fixtures and industrial equipment. The high dynamic range of metallic printing paper increases the tonal range of black-and-white images, and can give sepia-toned prints a fresh look and feel. Freedom Paper offers popular brands such as Moab Slickrock Metallic and Kodak Professional Inkjet Metallic. View More

    For guidance on choosing the right metallic inkjet paper for your next wide format printing project, give us a call at 866-310-3358. Inkjet metallic paper is still fairly new, so the creative possibilities are still being explored. We would love to see some of the innovative ways you use inkjet metallic paper! View Less

    3 Products