Fine Art & Photo

Freedom Paper is proud to be one of the nation’s leading inkjet photo paper suppliers. We offer many top brands and types of inkjet fine art paper as well. Whether you simply want to add an artistic look and feel to high-end presentations or make museum-grade prints for sale or exhibitions, we have products that can bring your creative vision to life. View More

With our extensive selection of inkjet fine art paper, you can add substance and texture to your prints. When digitally created photos, artwork, and designs are printed on inkjet fine art paper, the tactile richness of the papers conveys your genuine commitment to quality. We offer hundreds of fine art and photo papers that can help you do more with your images, whether you are employing the universal language of visual communications or pursuing art or photography as a profession, sideline, or hobby. Some value-priced papers are perfect for short-term exhibitions and displays. Archival papers are made to last for generations. Kodak, Canon, HP, Sihl, Magic, Hahnemuhle, Innova, and Moab have thoroughly researched the many specific ways artists and photographers use inkjet prints – for reproductions, original art, digital compositions, commercial display, gallery exhibitions, heirloom wedding and portrait photographs, portfolios, notecards, books, and home, office, hotel, and restaurant décor. They have developed products for all of these applications.

At Freedom Paper, we started offering fine art and photo papers when we realized that many long-time users of technical, CAD, and general-use printers now include high-resolution images in all sorts of maps and engineering, legal, medical, and classroom presentations and documents. As inkjet photo paper suppliers, we want to expand the use of inkjet fine art papers and photo papers to all of the photo enthusiasts, aspiring artists, designers, architects, and marketing professionals who understand the value of using quality papers to make a memorable first impression. For more information about any of the terms used in our product descriptions, check out our Learning Center and FAQ page. For personalized help in choosing the best fine art or photo paper for a specific project, call us at 866-310-3335. Your photo paper suppliers at Freedom Paper are always happy to help! View Less