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Inkjet art paper is available in an incredible variety of roll widths, cut-sheet sizes, textures, and thicknesses. Choose heavyweight archival, 100% cotton rag papers from Museo,Moab, and Hahnemuhle or thinner, environmentally friendly choices such Moab’s translucent 55 gsm Japanese Washi paper made from mulberry fibers or Hahnemuhle’s 290 gsm Bamboo paper, made from 90% bamboo fibers and 10% soft cotton.

While inkjet art paper was initially developed for making small editions of photo or art prints with the aqueous dye and pigment inks used by photo, CAD, technical, and general-use printers, Legion Paper’s new SolvArt line of papers is designed to print higher quantities of décor art prints on graphic printers that use with eco-solvent inks. View More

Many artists use inkjet art paper to make reproductions of original paintings, mixed-media works, or physical copies of abstracts and photo collages that were created with software. But marketing departments are using inkjet art papers to add a classic artistic look and feel to high-end presentations, business cards, certificates, customized lobby art, museum displays, photo gifts, upscale event announcements, and enlargements of historic photos from the company archives.

Choosing the right inkjet art paper is an integral part of the creative process. Some inkjet art papers have textured surfaces replicate the look and feel of papers used for watercolor painting or with old-world printmaking with etched-metal plates. Smoother art papers retain more details in photos, digital art, and some types of paintings. Some cut-sheet inkjet art papers feature torn “deckle” edges that give your prints a handmade look.

Ordering a sample pack of inkjet art paper provides an inexpensive way to evaluate the look and feel of different papers and determine which one works best with your images. Call us at 866-310-3335 with questions about sample packs or advice on choosing the right art paper. Many terms related to inkjet art paper and digital printmaking can be found in our FAQ page or in our Learning Center. View Less

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