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Photo Paper for Inkjet Printing: Choosing Wide Format Rolls or Cut Sheets

Photo paper for inkjet printing is a natural extension of Freedom Paper’s huge assortment of plotter papers for CAD drawings and everyday office use. Now that photography is an integral part of everyday communications, you may need wide format paper specifically designed to handle the heavy ink loads required to print high-resolution images.

Freedom Paper offers a fantastic selection of wide-format rolls of inkjet photo paper and professional-grade cut sheets of 11 x 17 photo paper, 11x17 glossy paper, 13x19 photo paper, 13x19 matte paper, double-sided photo paper, and inkjet canvas paper. Most of these materials were specifically designed for use with the aqueous dye and pigment inks used on popular models of HP Designjet Canon imagePROGRAF, and Epson Stylus Pro general-use, graphic, and photo printers.

Rolls of wide format photo paper enable unattended, uninterrupted printing of multiple photographs. Wide-format photo paper is great for photo enlargements, photo posters, and GIS maps.

Or, you can “nest” multiple smaller photos across the width of the roll, and output a higher quantity of smaller prints in less time. Wide format rolls of photo paper also give you the flexibility to create non-standard print sizes, such as panoramic photos.

If you reproduce many photographs or many different sizes of photos each month, it is typically more cost effective to order wide format rolls of photo paper. But sometimes you will have to trim the prints down to the desired size and flatten prints that have retained some curl from the roll

Freedom Paper offers inkjet photo paper rolls in a variety of widths, including 10, 16, 17, 24, 36, 42, 44, 50, and 60 inches. Choosing a roll width that fits the margins you intend to print will save money by minimizing wasted material. Printing in landscape mode is an economical way to fit the print size to the roll width and avoid wasting paper.

Cut sheets of professional-quality inkjet photo paper are ideal for making gift prints, portfolios, photo books, mini-posters, and ready-to-frame photo prints on desktop office and photo printers. The prints remain flat and don’t need to be trimmed.

Sheets of inkjet canvas paper can be mounted on small, self-adhesive box frames or be used to craft lampshades, book covers, or other projects.

On Freedom Paper’s website, you can find cut sheets of professional-quality photo papers from Innova, Hahnemuhle, Kodak, and Moab. Most of these papers are cut to meet standard sizes, such as 8.5 x 11, 11x17, 13x19, and 17x22.

If you have questions about which type of photo papers would be best for the printer model that you use or a specific photo-printing product, please call us at 866-310-3555.