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Sihl Inkjet Paper and Other Sihl Media

Sihl paper is manufactured by a global leader in digital print substrates. Sihl media includes many films, papers, and specialty materials for use with aqueous, latex, solvent, or UV-curable inks on inkjet printers and toners on digital presses.

Sihl media has kept pace with every phase of the digital printing revolution, starting with the pen plotters, electrostatic printers, and dry-toner presses that were popular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. As digital-printing leaders such as HP, Canon, and Xerox introduced better and faster printers that use new types of inks and printheads, the R&D pros at Sihl created new forms of Sihl paper and Sihl media to maximize the versatility and performance of each new printer.

Sihl media is widely used by architecture firms, corporate engineering groups, reprographers, commercial printing enterprises, and large-format graphics companies who value the company’s commitment to R&D, innovation, and quality assurance.

At Freedom Paper, we can help you select the right Sihl media for everything from presentations and trade-show graphics to indoor wall murals and outdoor banners.

Aqueous Inks: Sihl materials for aqueous inkjets include top-quality photo papers, TrueColor coated matte papers, display films, backlit films, clear films, canvas, banner vinyl, and polypropylene films. Specialty items include Imola Photo Paper with PSA and CAD Perfect Photo Paper.

Latex Inks: Sihl media for latex inkjet printers includes: poster paper, vinyl banner materials, display film, backlit film, photo paper, canvas, and an adhesive-backed fabric for wall murals. Products for specific requirements: PermiView Backlit Film,Pipeline G Photo Gloss, and PolySol Roll-up Film.

Solvent Inks: Sihl media for solvent inkjet printers includes: photo paper, imaging paper, display film, backlit film, canvas, fabric transfer paper, QuckSTICK adhesive-backed fabric, and floor graphics materials. One of the best selling solvent products is TriSolve PrimeArt Paper.

UV-Curable Inks: Sihl products for UV-curable inkjet printing include a photo paper, imaging papers, display films, backlit films and canvas.

For more than a decade, the customer service representatives at Freedom Paper have been helping owners of wide-format inkjet printers choose the perfect Sihl inkjet paper or other Sihl media for their projects. Give us a call, and we can help you, too!