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20 lb Bond Paper: Our Best Everyday Opaque Bond

Our 20 lb paper - opaque bond is a suitable selection for a variety of printing projects. Long used for both professional and personal applications, this product enjoys a reputation as an “everyday paper.” Durable and smooth, 20 lb paper, opaque bond, is the most common medium for day-to-day printing.

Freedom Paper 20 lb paper - opaque bond is available in bulk, in both sheets and rolls. 20 lb paper, opaque bond, is often used in sheet form for mailing announcements, sending memos to employees, communicating with clients and customers, modes in which textual clarity is key. We also provide the same product in rolls, giving you the option of either 2 inch cores (fitting most inkjet printers) and 3 inch cores (for laser copiers), making our 20 lb paper bond products the preferred choice for blueprinting and technical drawings.

Keep the varied and versatile uses of 20 lb paper in mind when planning for a variety of printing needs.

Opaque bond papers are ideal for all printing, coping, drawing and writing. Sturdy and universal, bond is the most commonly used paper for printing and copying. The majority of copies and prints worldwide are produced on opaque bond paper. While most familiar in letter and legal sized reams, the same quality is produced in wide-format rolls. Know that Freedom Paper carefully chooses only the finest products on the market.

20 lb paper, opaque bond, is an excellent choice for your high volume printing projects. Sometimes, you need to provide multiple copies of information to employees, customers or affiliates. Our 20 lb paper, opaque bond, is the best selection for mass printing and copying. It is affordable, readily available in bulk quantities and delivered free. As your company grows, so will your printing needs.

Opaque bond paper works well for any text, blueprint and technical drawings. Bond paper has been widely used in every print or copy application for decades because all can appreciate the paper's performance, feel and affordability. Printing results are even, allowing all individuals involved with a project to enjoy high-quality copies of building or design plans. Additional copies can be made inexpensively as additions, revisions and other edits are added. Text printed on 20 lb opaque bond paper is incredibly crisp and easy to read. Businesses of all types need assurance that their employees and clients can read important documents easily.

Bond paper accepts ink well, creating exceptionally clear prints. In producing sharp clear line drawings and high contrast text, this durable paper resists ink-bleed and provides great aesthetics and readability.

The absolute versatility of 20 lb opaque bond paper makes it indispensable in any office or business setting. Bond paper is a go-to for most project or presentations. It is suited for all types of printers and copiers, facilitates quick duplication and is so affordable, its leads in paper production. Business men and women need not worry about multiple reprinting, bond paper stands the test of time as the most commonly bought, sold, used and recycled paper to date.

Our friendly, knowledgeable team can help you select the perfect bond paper for your business or personal needs. We are proud to provide this high-quality product in a variety of sizes and quantities. Whether preparing for a special project or looking for an all-purpose paper to keep on hand, we have the perfect paper products to fit your needs.