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    If you are looking for acid-free storage boxes, archival photo boxes, or folios made from acid-free conservation-grade materials, Freedom Paper offers Chinle Archival Boxes and Economy Folios. These products were developed by the world-class art and photo paper experts at Moab by Legion Paper. View More

    Moab Chinle Archival Boxes are sturdy, rigid clamshell-type boxes that are up to two inches deep. These one-piece storage boxes open flat when it’s time to examine or present your archived photographs. Moab Chinle Economy Folios are wraparound, protective “envelopes” with black linen-textured fabric covers and Veclro closures. The Economy Folios are just 0.5-in. deep, making them ideal for temporary portfolios or transporting valuable prints.

    All these lignin-free and acid-free storage boxes and folios have passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) standards developed by the photo preservation experts at the Institute of Image Permanence at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Use these archival photo boxes to keep all sorts of digitally-printed images and documents protected from UV light, dust, and airborne chemicals. If you would like Freedom Paper to expand our offerings for art and photo storage, please let us know. We value your feedback. View Less

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