Premium Coated Inkjet Paper

Our outstanding selection of coated large format inkjet paper includes a variety of premium inkjet paper that can be used for everything from technical drawings, maps, renderings, and presentations to simple indoor posters and signs. The coatings on our premium inkjet paper can handle the heavier ink loads associated with printing drawings and documents that include a few color graphics and images. View More

In our extensive online catalog, you will discover that premium inkjet paper comes in an amazing range of weights, sheet sizes, and roll widths. For example, Freedom Paper carries coated large format inkjet paper in 500-ft. rolls with 3-inch cores so our engineering and technical clients can print line drawings with super-sharp fine lines and text. If your large-format printers have sheet-feeding capabilities, we also sell cut sheets of premium inkjet paper in large sizes. We offer top-notch customer service, fast order-processing, and convenience of one-stop shopping for all of the large format inkjet paper requirements.

Check out our extensive variety of inks, toners, photo and art papers, banner materials, printers and other products that can help you do more with your large format printer. Make Freedom your One Stop Shop for printing. View Less

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