Double Sided Photo Paper

    Double-sided photo paper has an ink receptive coating on both sides, which means you can print high-quality images on both sides of the same sheet. With dual-sided inkjet paper, you can print custom photo books, art books, portfolios, album pages, note cards, announcements, invitations, imposition proofs, and posters and graphics that will be viewed from both sides. View More

    With double-sided photo papers, you can use fewer sheets of paper to showcase more of your photos, and produce thinner, lighter portfolio books.

    On this website, you’ll find a variety of sheets and rolls of double-sided photo and art papers from some of the top manufacturers. Many of these papers feature instant-dry microporous coatings that help keep the prints from getting easily damaged by touching, scuffing, or incidental exposure to water. For personalized guidance in selecting the dual-sided inkjet paper that would be perfect for your printing requirements, give us a call at 866-310-3335. We love learning more about the many creative ways our customers plan to use dual-sided paper. View Less

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