Backlit Film

With inkjet backlit film, you can create stunning, illuminated displays. Many wide format backlit film products feature a translucent, light-diffusing layer that keeps “hot spots” from the light sources from ruining the look of the printed graphics. Most inkjet backlit film is designed for traditional front-printing. A few specialty backlit films are designed for reverse printing on the back of the film, so that the polyester film itself protects the printed graphics (like a built-in laminating film). Some inkjet wide format backlit film produces prints that are bright enough to be easily readable even when the lightbox or kiosk is turned off. View More

We carry a wide selection of wide format backlit film products from Canon, HP, Kodak, Magic, and Sihl. The specific product and thickness that is best for your project will depend on the nature of the graphics, how and where the graphics will be displayed, and how long the graphics must last. Call us, and we will make it easy to choose the right product for your application. View Less

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