PopUp and Display Inkjet Film

If you’re looking for inkjet films for producing banner-stand graphics or backlit displays, we offer dozens of choices from multiple brands, including our own Freedom Paper line. Most polyester and polypropylene pop-up and display inkjet films are designed for use with aqueous dye and pigment inks. But we also offer an expanding range of banner-stand and backlit display films for use with eco-solvent, solvent, or latex inks. View More

For roll-up, retractable banner stands, inkjet films must offer the durability, rigidity, and opacity to keep display graphics looking their best throughout a busy trade show, conference, and other event. Value-priced display films are available for one-time events. But higher-quality inkjet films are a better choice for graphics that will displayed at multiple venues, because the graphics won’t get torn or scratched as the prints are repeatedly rolled and unrolled. Inkjet films for banner stands have been designed to stay flat and resist kinking and edge-curl. Opaque inkjet films keep graphics from looking drab and washed out at sites where lights are shining from all directions.

Backlit films for inkjet printers are specifically designed to intensify the colors when graphics are lit from behind. Because brilliantly lit photographs and graphics entice people to stop and look closer, backlit films are popular for trade-shows, retail displays, menu boards, events, lobby signs, and educational exhibits. Some backlit films produce graphics remain readable 24/7 whether the lightbox is on or off. Some backlit films were created for shorter term, indoor use. More durable backlit films can be mounted in outdoor displays. Selecting the right inkjet display film can be a daunting task. Please call us at 866-310-335 if you have questions or would like some personalized assistance. Many of the terms included in our product descriptions are clarified in our FAQ page and Learning Center. View Less

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