Semi-Gloss Photo Paper

A semi gloss photo paper balances the desire to print vibrantly colored photos with the need to produce photographic prints that reflect less glare, attract less dust, and show fewer fingerprints. Semi gloss photo paper is a great choice for colorful photo prints that will be frequently handled. The surface of semi gloss photo paper has a noticeable sheen but the prints don’t show as much dust or fingerprints as a glossy photo paper. View More

While the colors printed on a semi gloss photo paper may not pop quite as much as they do on glossy photo papers, the overall effect can look less more natural and realistic. Semi gloss photo papers are great for images that depict all sorts of people, places, and things. Because they reflect less light, they may also be preferable for maps, posters, and technical drawings that will be viewed under bright lights.

For expert help in choosing the semi gloss inkjet paper that will produce the results you require without exceeding your budget, call us at 866-310-3335. We can help you determine if a semi gloss photo paper would be the best choice for the specific project you have in mind. Not all semi gloss papers are labeled as such. Some photo paper manufacturers have created semi gloss variations that they describe as having luster, satin, or pearlescent finishes. These papers all have different degrees of sheen in the spectrum between flat matte and high-gloss papers. View Less

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