Self-Adhesive Media

With the many different self-adhesive inkjet papers from Freedom Paper, you can create a variety of presentations, displays, or signs. We offer a fantastic selection of self-adhesive photo paper, peel-and-stick paper, self-adhesive inkjet printable film, self-adhesive fabric, and self-adhesive vinyl. The type of self-adhesive media you need depends partly on the properties of the mounting surface and how long you need the graphics to remain in place. View More

Choose a self-adhesive paper for photographic presentations in classrooms, courtrooms, or conference rooms. Peel-and-stick photographs can be easily mounted to foamboards, poster-boards, or backing boards supplied with frames. Self-adhesive photo papers are often used to make life-sized (or oversized) cut-outs of sports stars or family members.

Self-adhesive inkjet papers and printable film products include flexible clear and white films for labels, package prototypes, and window displays and semi-rigid white polypropylene film for mounted photos prints, graphics, displays, and signs. Clear films give the illusion that you printed your logo, graphics, or message directly on a hard-to-print surface of a hard-to-print product. Polypropylene film is a tear-resistant alternative to photo paper or presentation paper for signs, posters, and displays in high-traffic areas or for short-term outdoor use.

Self-adhesive inkjet paper has even more uses. With self-adhesive vinyls, you can easily mount printed graphics to indoor and outdoor sign substrates such as chloroplast, rigid PVC, aluminum, acrylic, and polycarbonate. You can also create decals, labels, and signs for windows, vehicles, display cases, and other smooth surfaces. Self-adhesive fabrics are a great option for creative decorative wall decals, wall murals, and easy-to-remove signs and graphics for entry and elevator doors, building columns, desks, cabinets, and other non-porous surfaces. The adhesive on inkjet fabrics is repositionable for error-free graphic installation. It removes cleanly without residue when the graphics are taken down. For more information about adhesive film paper and other terms used in our product descriptions, check out our Learning Center and FAQ page. For personalized help in choosing the best product for a specific project, call us at 866-310-3335. We are always happy to help! View Less

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