Heavyweight Presentation Paper

Heavyweight presentation matte paper is a practical, affordable choice for everyday prints such as charts, schedules, maps, drawings, proofs, designs, infographics, and simple, temporary posters and signs. Heavyweight matte papers are also great for submitting proposals and making prints that will be examined and passed around during a meeting. View More

We offer Canon, HP, Magic/Magcilee, and Sihl presentation papers in weights from 24 to 55 lbs. plus Freedom Paper’s own 36 lb. and 46 lb. Premium Coated Bond Papers.The inkjet receptive coating on a heavyweight matte paper helps keep fine lines, drawing details, and small text sharp and readable. An inkjet-coated heavyweight presentation paper can handle the heavier ink loads associated with infographics, logos, and layouts that contain solid blocks of color as well as photo-rich proofs, documents, and presentations. Pages printed on heavyweight presentation paper lay flat and don’t become wavy (cockle) or curl up from too much ink.

Some presentation matte papers are coated on both sides for two-sided printing of “imposition” proofs of booklets, brochures, manuals, and custom magazines. When these proofs are folded, scored, or bound, you can verify that the pages have been properly set up for offset printing.

For personalized help choosing the right presentation paper for a specific project, give us a call at 866-310-3335. We would be happy to guide you in making the best choice. Our customer-service reps enjoy learning more about how you plan to use our products. It enables us to continue offering a spectacular selection of quality inkjet materials for all sorts of real-world requirements. View Less

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