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Inkjet Vellum Paper Rolls

The 2 inch core inkjet vellum paper rolls are the preferred choice for those creating translucent documents on inkjet printers. Similar to the 3 inch core vellum paper, the inkjet variety has more translucence and can be used in traditional office printers such as those produced by Canon and HP. Optimized for wet-ink application, use our inkjet vellum paper rolls to generate drawings with deep, rich contrast. These inkjet vellum paper rolls can even be used on overhead projectors, displaying crisp, clearly visible symbols, letters and numbers.

Freedom Paper stocks several lines of 2 inch core inkjet vellum paper rolls suitable for wide range of drawing tasks. Be they monochrome line drawings or technical readouts, inkjet vellum paper promises outstanding results. If you need assistance in matching your print job to the right product, please ask Freedom Paper experts. Our 20 lb. inkjet vellum paper rolls, for instance, are not ideal for full color imagery, but perform beautifully in creating and duplicating color line drawings.

Engineering Uses of Vellum Rolls:

Freedom Paper provides a wide selection vellum paper rolls for many engineering print applications. Frequently employed as a plotter paper, it gives fantastic results when used in copier machines operating at high speeds or producing large quantities. Architects love its superiority as a medium for creating blue line reproduction masters. The best quality vellum paper is 100% stretched cotton, sealed with vegetable minerals. This produces a strong, flat absorptive surface. Your resultant high-resolution fine-line drawings are easily duplicated on engineering-quality printers. Our best vellum paper even produces copies that are not easily distinguishable from their originals.

The 3 inch core vellum paper rolls offered by Freedom Paper are the preferred choice for construction engineers making blueprints or designing overlays. Despite the transparency of its stark white surface, vellum’s strength derives from unique manufacturing. A stretching process flattens the cotton fibers, but still allows them to absorb ink or graphite. Freedom Paper’s high-end cotton rag vellum is favored by engineers for archiving. We also sell a number of solventless varieties that produce excellent results in industrial copiers.

When Ordinary Pulp Paper Will Not Suffice

Standard copy and writing paper appears flat, but in reality contains microscopic imperfections inherent in its fiber construct. Even when rolled extremely flat in production, fiber composition varies widely throughout pulp-based paper, absorbing ink at different densities. The resultant percolation (ink bleed) could ruin drawings that require perfectly straight lines.

Freedom Paper carries only the finest inkjet vellum paper and other vellum paper rolls on the market, suited for every copier or printer type. Because of the way the medium is processed, plasticizing cotton with vegetable minerals, the result is an exceptionally flat product that is at once strong, durable and resistant to fading from light exposure.

Whether your drawing job requires engineer-grade 3 inch core vellum paper for engineering laser copiers or 2 inch core inkjet vellum paper for large-format printers, Freedom Paper has what you need. Let us help you produce results that best represent the quality of your work.