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Mylar Film Rolls

Mylar film rolls refer to mylar, a registered trademark of DuPont Teijin, describing a plasticized polyester film that has been stretched and superheated to form a strong, protective coating on many of the world’s products. Because it was once the standard coating for the product, the term “Mylar” is still used from time to time to describe mylar film rolls or double matte film. Within the printing industry, the terms are synonymous. The uses of this polyester-based print medium are many, but one constant remains true – its durability is unparalleled.

Because mylar film rolls (or Double Matte film) enjoy a long shelf-life and resistance to tearing, they have emerged as a favorite product for long-term archiving of a wide array of architectural and other technical drawings. Supplied on both 2” and 3” cores (taped to the core for Xerox printers), mylar film rolls (Double Matte film) may be used in both inkjet CAD printers and laser-based engineering copiers.

A significant benefit of Mylar film rolls (Double Matte film) is the ability to erase and redraw lines on its surface. Coated specifically to the printer technologies being employed, monochrome printer ink adheres and dries quickly onto its matte surface, resisting smearing and allowing for immediate handling. Printed results can subsequently accommodate hand drawing and moist erasure without damaging permanently printed inks or the surface.

Mylar’s tensile strength and dimensional stability allow this heavyweight product to feed uniformly through any wide-format printer. The crisp, uniform line drawings produced on this durable product promise years of preservation, ease of handling and versatility of usefulness.

A final advantage of Mylar/Double Matte film is its ability to weather natural elements common to environmental exposure. Unlike traditional paper, which discolors in the sun and disintegrates when wet, this product is water and heat resistant. Job sites are rarely clean and dry – engineers, architects, builders and foremen all benefit from Mylar’s natural properties.

Freedom Paper has partnered with the world’s finest mylar film rolls (Double Matte film) producers to bring you this product in 3, 4 and 5 mil thicknesses. Inkjet film is available in 75, 120 and 125’ lengths, depending on the brand, all on 2-inch cores. For engineering copiers, we sell Mylar/Double Matte film rolls on 3-inch cores in 150’ lengths. The wider rolls are available taped to the core for those of you running this material on large-format Xerox machines.

Freedom Paper’s knowledgeable sales team can field all of your Mylar film rolls questions, so please ask. You’ll be pleased with our fast, thorough customer service, low prices and industry savvy. Let us show you how you can save significant dollars printing in-house on Mylar instead of paying premium prices to outsource this work. Lower your costs, increase your control and know that you are producing work on media designed to represent you.

When you need mylar film rolls double matte film for your project, rely on a company that understands that how you present your vision matters as much as the ideas themselves. With Freedom Papers, you can be assured that you are using the highest quality paper products, available in sizes you need at the prices that you can afford. All delivered quickly and free of charge. Quality does matter. Freedom Paper understands this and we look forward to partnering with you.