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What are the key differences between aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV-cure inks?

Each type of ink has a different chemical composition that makes it suitable for use in different kinds of workplaces and for different types of prints.

Aqueous inks are water-based inks that are safe and easy-to-use in homes, offices, schools, and businesses. Aqueous inks flow easily through the thermal inkjet printheads that can be easily replaced by anyone who uses the printer.

Solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV-cure inks are formulated for higher levels of print production in commercial, industrial, or in-house print shops. While these inks can produce more durable prints on less costly materials, users of these inks must meet special requirements for safety, environmental compliance, printroom ventilation, or higher power consumption associated with heaters or UV-curing lamps.

For more specific details about the differences, see the Wide Format Inks chart in our Learning Center.