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HP Designjet Paper and Supplies

HP is a long-time leader in making top-notch technical and graphic printers. Many of the oldest HP Designjet CAD printers are still running strong. At Freedom Paper our huge selection of HP Designjet supplies includes Designjet ink cartridges, Designjet paper, Designjet plotter paper and accessories for legacy and current HP Designjet inkjet printers.

Whether you need Designjet 500 paper,800 paper, 1050c supplies, or wide-format media supplies for the newest HP Designjet inkjet printers, we likely have the Designjet supplies you need in stock and ready to ship.

TIP: Before searching our website, please consult your User’s Manual to determine:

  • What type of ink (dye or pigment) your printer uses
  • The maximum thickness of media your printer can handle

For example, older model printers (such as the HP Designjet 500 and HP Designjet 800) use dye inks and were designed primarily to print drawings on uncoated and coated bond papers, vellum, and mylar. These printers and other older HP Designjet printers can’t handle popular photo papers, canvas, or self-adhesive materials that are 10 mil or thicker.

If you can’t find your User’s Manual or the HP Designjet supplies you need on our site, please call us at 866-310-3335. Our experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to help. We can confirm which HP-brand papers are compatible with your older-model printers and recommend some high-quality Freedom Paper inkjet media that will help you get great results at a lower price. We can even suggest some of Freedom Paper’s newer, thinner polypropylene films that can help you make short-term indoor signs on your older-model printers.

Freedom Paper has been selling wide format paper and other supplies for more than a decade. We know why you want to keep your favorite old printers up and running, and can help you get fast, low-cost delivery on the most economical and compatible options.

Does Your HP Designjet Printer Use Dye or Pigment Inks?

When you’re shopping for HP Designjet paper and supplies, it’s important to know whether your HP Designjet is a model that uses dye or pigment inks. Although Designjets that use dye inks can print posters, signs, and graphics for indoor use, the dye inks won’t last long if the sign is displayed outdoors. Signs for outdoor use should be printed with pigment inks (because they resist fading,) and the prints should be laminated to protect them from moisture.

The list below includes most of HP’s legacy Designjet printers and all of the newest Designjets. Most legacy models use aqueous dye inks (and/or a black pigment ink for text and line drawings on matte papers). Less than a dozen HP Designjet color printers use aqueous pigment inks.

Legacy HP Designjet Printers HP Designjet 1055Current Technical Printers
HP Designjet 70 HP Designjet 2000Using Dye Inks
HP Designjet 100HP Designjet 2500HP Designjet T120
HP Designjet 120 HP Designjet 2800HP Designjet T520
HP Designjet 220HP Designjet 3000 HP Designjet T790
HP Designjet 230HP Designjet 3500HP Designjet T795
HP Designjet 250CHP Designjet 4000 HP Designjet T1200
HP Designjet 330HP Designjet 4020 HP Designjet T1300
HP Designjet 350CHP Designjet 4500 HP Designjet T2300
HP Designjet 400 HP Designjet 4520 HP Designjet T920
HP Designjet 500 HP Designjet 4500 HP Designjet T1500
HP Designjet 510 HP Designjet 4520 HP Designjet T2500
HP Designjet 600 MonoHP Designjet 5000 DyeHP Designjet T3500
HP Designjet 650C HP Designjet 5500 DyeHP Designjet T7100
HP Designjet 700 MonoHP Designjet 8000sHP Designjet T7200
HP Designjet 750C HP Designjet 9000s Printer
HP Designjet 800 HP Designjet 10000sCurrent Graphics Printers
HP Designjet 815 mfpHP Designjet Colorpro CADUsing Pigment Inks
HP Designjet 820 mfpHP Designjet Colorpro GA HP Designjet Z2100
HP Designjet T610 HP Designjet Z3200
HP Designjet T620 Legacy DesignjetsHP Designjet Z5200
HP Designjet T770 Using Pigment InksHP Designjet Z5400
HP Designjet T920HP Designjet 5000 UVHP Designjet Z6200
HP Designjet T1100 HP Designjet 5500 UVHP Designjet Z6600
HP Designjet T1100 mfpHP Designjet Z3100 HP Designjet Z6800
HP Designjet T1120 HP Designjet Z6100
HP Designjet T1120 SD-mfp
HP Designjet T1200
HP Designjet 1000
HP Designjet 1050C