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How can I prevent banding on my prints?

Banding can occur if you use inkjet media that isn’t compatible with your printer and ink. Other possible causes of banding include: (1) using the incorrect media settings in the print software; (2) misaligned printheads; and (3) clogged nozzles in the printhead.

Sometimes, visible banding may be caused by gradients in the design of your graphic. The gradients you create with your design software tools may look perfectly smooth on screen, but can be difficult to print on an older model printer. Visible bands may appear when one tone transitions to another in solid areas of an image. Gradient-related banding depends on the amount of space in which the transition occurs, the colors that you are blending, and the resolution of your printer.

Newer models of photo and graphic printers can produce a wider gamut of colors and create smoother tonal transitions.

To prevent banding:

  • Use inkjet media that is compatible with your printer model and ink type.
  • Follow the printer manufacturer’s instructions for keeping the printheads clean.
  • Use the media-manufacturer’s recommended print settings and color profiles.
  • Use your printer frequently to keep inks from drying and clogging the nozzles.
  • Use Photoshop tools to adjust your design and proof the results.

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