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Motivate Employees!

By creating a series of customized posters on your wide-format printer

Inspiring messages printed on big, colorful posters visibly remind employees that you care about their success. With your wide-format inkjet printer and materials from Freedom Paper, you can easily make posters that encourage team-building, creativity, and perseverance.

Use motivational posters for fundraising or sales campaigns, to recognize outstanding achievements, to promote friendly inter-office competitions, or simply to remind people to always do their best. With Freedom Paper’s huge selection of inkjet-printable papers, display films, and self-adhesive materials, you can cost-effectively produce posters that need to last a few days, a few weeks, or for months.

With one of the premium photo or art papers available from Freedom Paper, you can print keepsake posters that you can give to employees to thank them for a job well done. Call us at 866-310-3335 for tips on choosing the best type of poster paper for a specific project.

Below are a few of the materials we recommend:

Freedom Paper Stay Flat Polypro Banner

Freedom Paper Premium Coated Bond Paper

HP Super Heavyweight Matte Paper

Kodak Rapid-Dry Photographic Satin Paper

Sihl 3604 Smart Vinyl Banner