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  • 24 in. x 150 ft. 4 mil Double Matte Xerographic Film / Mylar (494) (1 Roll) Taped

24 in. x 150 ft. 4 mil Double Matte Xerographic Film / Mylar (494) (1 Roll) Taped

Ink Compatibility:


Core Size:

Product Highlights

  • Translucent 4 mil Mylar film for large document copiers that require thinner materials
  • Matte coating on both sides provides dimensional stability, toner adhesion, and crisp lines
  • Minimal shrinkage and image distortion when exposed to high temperatures in copiers
  • Archival properties for long-term storage
  • Supplied in taped or untaped formats
Package Quantity
1 Roll
Freedom Paper
Manufacturer Part Number
Core Sizes
3 inch
4 mil.

Freedom Paper (494) is our 4 mil, Double Matte Xerographic/ Mylar Film. It is a specially coated, double matte, mylar film with archival and translucency characteristics and is dimensional stable. Freedom Paper (494) Double Matte Xerographic/ Mylar Film is will yield excellent line quality. It is specifically designed to reduce and minimize distortion and shrinkage in high temperature, LDC machines or large document copiers. Freedom Paper (494) engineering film produces crisp images with excellent toner adhesion.


Freedom paper (494) is available in cut sheets and taped to core and un-taped to core rolls. We also carry a 3 mil. option as Freedom Paper (493).

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