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Large Format Inkjet Media for Many Uses and Printer Types

Freedom Paper has been making large format inkjet media since 2002. Our first products were large format inkjet papers for printing and copying architectural renderings, engineering drawings, construction blueprints, technical diagrams, maps, charts, and client presentations. Today, we continue to offer the finest selection of rolls and sheets of bond papers for technical printers and engineering copiers. Our papers are manufactured at plants that honor sustainable forestry and environmental responsibility. Some products are made from recycled materials.

But because many customers want to do more with their wide format inkjet printers, we also offer high quality, value-priced large format inkjet media for indoor and outdoor signs and banners, point-of-purchase displays, photographs, art reproductions, event graphics, backlit displays, window graphics, wallcoverings, wall decals, and “soft signage” made of inkjet-printable wrinkle-resistant fabrics. With these Freedom Paper large format inkjet media, you can save money by printing simple signs, event banners, motivational posters, photo collections, and trade show graphics on the same wide format inkjet printer used for technical documents.

Most of our large format inkjet media is optimized for use on in-office wide format inkjet printers and plotters that use water-based (aqueous) dye or pigment inks. But many of our large format inkjet media products also work on commercial graphic arts printers that use latex or UV-cure inks.

For help finding the perfect large format inkjet media for your requirements and printer, give us a call at 866-310-3335. Our knowledgeable customer service team will listen to your concerns and questions and recommend the right solution.

The Freedom Paper product line includes:

Freedom Paper also sells diazo/blueline papers for use in diazo machines.

When it’s time to stock up on large format inkjet media, trust Freedom Paper to deliver the products and advice you need – whether you use a brand-new inkjet printer or popular older models such as the HP Designjet 800 series or HP Designjet 500 series.

Our customer service experts can help you meet deadlines and budgets without compromising on quality. If you can’t decide which product in our online catalog would be best for your needs, call at 866-310-3335 and we will be glad to help you make the best choice.

You can also find helpful product selection tips in our Learning Center and announcements of new large-format inkjet media products in our newsletter and Printing Ideas blog.

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